Don Horn’s latest creation resembles homes made in 1800s April, 2007

In ‘leap of faith,’ Catholic parish builds Protestant church

A funny thing happened to SS. John and Paul Parish in Franklin Park, north of Pittsburgh, on its way to erecting a church -- it built a Protestant church first.

A Colonial Revival

Don’t bother searching for the doorbell as you stand on the red brick porch of Randy and Kathy Keuch’s Colonial-style Wexford home. You won’t find it. But if you wait for a moment, the Keuches’ golden retrievers will announce your presence and eventually a friendly face will come to greet you.

Old is new again November, 2004

21st Century Colonials: Georgian style homes filled with authentic details February, 2003

Builder sticks to architectural details in creating authentic reproductions homes filled with authentic details August, 2001

Homey home offices October, 1998